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Globalization of world trade has thrown up many new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. With increasing competition, cost pressures, ever growing product diversity, the need for smaller batch runs and with it attractive packaging presentations have become the 'mantra' for success of the brand in the marketplace. The supply chain of the industry is therefore in an urgent need to be highly responsive, making flexibility the overriding attribute of all.

ACG Pam Pac Machines Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Hi-tech Blister Packing and Carton Pack-
ing Machines.It is a member of ACG Worldwide. Pam Pac is a Group company of ACG Worldwide, which offers end-to-end solutions in solid dosage delivery system including Fluid-bed systems, Coaters, Granulators, Empty Hard Capsules, Encapsulators, Tablet Press, liquid-in-hard capsules technology, barrier packaging fims, blister packing machines, cartoning machines, end-of-lines packaging.

ACG Pampac has a state of the art manufacturing plant located just over 100 miles from Mumbai, the business capital of India. It produces some of the world's most advanced packaging machinery that are reliable, flexible and capable of delivering higher outputs. The wide range of blister packing machines is made to suit all types of pharmaceutical products with small, medium and large batch sizes. The machines are versatile enough to handle a variety of films and laminates, depending on application & sensitivity of the product. Our cartoning machines products both rigid and flexible with equal ease and efficacy, irrespective of your batch size.

Being the pioneers in Alu/Alu, tropical blisters and integrated blister cartoning solutions with online inspection systems in India, Pam-Pac's innovative and continuous improvement has resulted in over 900 successful installations in more than 40 countries. Backed by ACG Worldwide's technology expertise, Pam-Pac has developed unique applications like powder filling and liquid filling in blisters to meet specific customer needs.

Following this unparallel portfolio of blister packing & cartoning solutions in manufacturing, come stringent 'pre-dispatch' quality checks at our facility, well supported by highly equipped & competent design facilities. Partnering you in your validation, calibration & training needs and a strong service back up for all our products makes Pam-Pac one of the most comprehensive & innovative blister packing & cartoning solution provider in the world.