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When you are racing against time, you need a cartoning machine that will match your pace. The HICART makes your production schedule fast, reliable and more efficient, giving you an advantage over time-one of most the most valued commodities.
While most machines offer reciprocating pick-up of cartons making them intermitted motion machines, the HICART comprises a unique rotary pick-up system, making it a continuous motion machine that can achieve speeds others may sometimes claim, but can only dream of.
The HICART is perfectly designed to carton any rigid objects like ampoules, vials, blisters, bottles, tubes etc. and can be easily integrated with a blister-packing machine.
Ideal for single/two blister in carton.
Rotary pick up with automatic pre breaking for cartons.
Suitable for tuck-in as well as glued type cartons.
Carton magazine is provided with digital gaunter scale
for quick setting during change over.
Digital gaunter scale can also be provided in tuck-in
area for quick setting during change over as an option.
Online leaflet pre-insertion system as an option.
Output upto 220 cartons/minute.
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